The pros and cons of Medium as a publishing platform

Recently I published a couple of posts on Medium at (please feel free to read them!). I really like the way the writing is presented and lots of people I like and respect write there.

When I set up this blog/website it was supposedly possible to simultaneously publish posts via Medium and on your own site, but the plugin linking the two didn’t seem to work, and I want to spend my time writing not configuring syndication tools between websites.

Medium are now trying to encourage authors to keep their content behind a Medium paywall (they are looking for a business model that doesn’t rely on polluting their clean UX with advertising). Although it’s still possible to share a “friend link” that isn’t behind the paywall, it’s unclear what happens when posts are shared with friends of friends, or how likely any paywalled content would be promoted to paying users (or indeed how many paying users there are).

All this has made me reluctantly conclude that I won’t publish on Medium anymore as it’s more straightforward to just post here instead and know that there is no paywall. It’s disappointing because I would like to try and be part of the Medium writing/reading community, but I feel that their proposition is a bit complex for me to jump in.

What I would prefer is a way to simply use Medium as a publishing tool/content management system on my own domain, and I would be happy to pay for the privilege. Medium could then automatically review content published in this way and re-publish/curate it for their own (paying or otherwise) users. It’s a shame that this service isn’t available.

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